Endor Imperial Stormtrooper
Return of the Jedi

Few costume designs in the history of film are as iconic as the Imperial stormtrooper. The design work for these characters is traced back to Ralph McQuarrie's 1975 drawings and paintings, produced with George Lucas to help Fox company executives visualize the proposed film.

At George Lucas’s request, McQuarrie created a “spooky white space armor” for the stormtroopers. John Mollo then took McQuarrie’s designs and figured out how the pieces could fit together, based on his knowledge of medieval armor. The helmets and armor are made from vacuum formed plastic. With its heavy scuff marks and dings, this stormtrooper costume shows the wear and tear of a battle with the rebel forces.

“We had a black all-in-one leotard for the stormtrooper costume, over which the front and back of the body went together; the shoulders fit onto the body, the arms were slid on—the top arm and bottom are attached with black elastic—a belt around the waist had suspender things that the legs were attached to. They wore ordinary domestic rubber gloves, with a bit of latex shoved on the front; the boots were ordinary spring-sided black boots painted with white shoe dye. Strange to say, it all worked.”
John Mollo, costume designer, Episode IV, V