Kids and Families

Star Wars™ continues to inspire new generations of builders, thinkers, and designers! Want something to get those creative juices flowing? Print out these activity sheets before you head to the exhibition, perfect for ages 5-10.

Quest 1

Darth Vader and Darth Sidious have stolen all the costumes in the galaxy. Designers need your help to remember the details of how to remake them. Go through the exhibition, and write down the answers to these important questions! And, may the force be with you. Here are some sample questions. There are 10 in all. Download and print the scavenger hunt!

1. What color is Darth Maul's flowing robe?
2. What type of character inspired Han Solo’s costume?
3. Designers created Chewbacca to look like which three animals?
4. Jedi robes look rough, but they're actually made of which soft fabric?
Quest 2
Help sort out the mess! Dark Side forces raided the homes of every rebel, Jedi, princess, and queen in the galaxy. Their clothing was thrown into a cave on Tatooine. Security forces need your help to identify which items of clothing belong to which characters, so that they may be returned to their original owners! Write the name of the owner under the detail.

Can’t make it to the exhibition? Cruise around the website to spot some of these clothing details as well. Download and print out the costume details quest.
Quest 3
The costumes in Star Wars™ were born out of drawings on paper. Designers first use their imaginations to sketch out what a costume may look like before they actually sew it and it appears in the films.

How would you CUSTOMIZE these cool costumes? Add texture and patterns to this drawing of Princess Leia's simple gown, or print out a drawing of bounty hunter Boba Fett and add your style to his costume.